Testimonials and References:

K. Babcock of Round Rock:

Mark has been taking care of our lawn and shrubs for many years. He has trimmed our trees and shrubs and always hauled off all debris. I have been very happy with his work and highly recommend him.

Bonnie Smith of Austin:

Mark mows and edges our lawn and has been doing so for 10 years to our complete satisfaction. If there is anything that we need taken care of on the grounds, he handles it quickly and competently. He cares for our yard as if it were his own.

M. Buscak of North Round Rock:

Mark cleared all my flower beds of weeds, added new sod, where needed and fixed a drainage problem near my front door. He has my confidence. 

R.Whitlock of Central Austin:

When I moved in to my new house, I called Mark to clean up the yard, trees and shrubs. I have a 40 foot oak near the house and he trimmed it neatly and safely. I am completely happy with his work. I use him on a regular basis. 

T. Marullo of North Round Rock:

I don't have much time to work around the house. I wish I did. I called Mark and his team to help me get my yard in shape. He trimmed all the shrubs and pulled weeds to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend him. 

Donna Hopsen of Round Rock:

I recently purchased a house north of Round Rock and called Mark to give me a quote on a large rock patio. He gave me a terrific price and had it in installed in four days. I recommend him to anyone who is thinking of putting in a patio or sidewalk.

Erica den Hartog of Bee Caves :

I had just moved in to my house near Bee Caves. I was unhappy with the back yard and called Mark to design a landscaping plan that would fit my pocket book and fix the problems I have with slope and poor soil. We decided to do the work in stages for financial reasons. He put in Crepe mytles, Oleanders, Lagustrums and Yellow Bells and built a terraced wall to help with the sloping property. In the future, we plan to install a stone patio with a deck cover or Pergala. I am very happy with his work and would recommend the Taylor Services to anyone needing help with landscaping. 

Michael Wilcox of Round Rock:

Mark installed a beatiful split level limestone patio using light and dark patio stone (see photo gallery). It had a lovely effect on my yard and the price was right. I highly recommend him.

Barbara Brown of South Austin:

I live in a condo next to a cliff. When it rained, I had water coming in to my patio and up to the kitchen door. I called Mark to discuss this problem. He suggested a retaining wall with large limestone blocks. In case of heavy flooding he recommended a drainage system behind the retaining wall. The whole project was complex and labor intensive. I am very happy with the work and would recommend Taylor Services for all drainage problems.

Thankyou Mark!